Decisions, decisions….

Most of the really good decisions I have made in my life have been quick ones. Spur of the moment, rapid and effective. Like starting a family; having another…and another…and yes, another! Becoming a JP. Starting a postgraduate degree thirty years after  leaving uni. Even this Blog. Big decisions, made swiftly. And you know what? I have never regretted any of them (well, in the case of my degree studies, there’s always time..). Trusting my instincts, or jumping in feet first? Well, for someone who is afraid to jump into a swimming pool, I prefer to believe that our instinctive decisions are usually the ones that will suit our natures best. So why, given the small matter of the colour paint to use in Smallest’s bathroom, do I find it impossible to choose? Now, before you think I give a damn about interior design, let me disabuse you. My tried and tested method is to choose all paint colours from the same small range of paints made by one company. This limits choice, and speeds up my decision making. Usually. This time, its different. Smallest would like purple walls. I can see her point. There is a smaller, younger, more daring me that would also like purple (or possibly aubergine) walls too. But instinctive decisions in favour of purple may suit our natures but not the bathroom. Nor His Nibs’ taste, and he is paying for the paint. So, I am weighed down by the weight of this small issue: a safe uncomplicated and probably minimalist shade, or….not? The possibilities are endless. I cannot decide.

About aga sagas

Married to His Nibs for a long time now. A sense of humour helps.

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  1. A feature wall in aubergine for you. The other three walls in purple for Small. How often will HN visit Small’s bathroom? Let it be a space for you to both live out a little daring purpleness.

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