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The birth of politics…

Once Upon A Time, a long time ago, a small infant was placed in the Cradle Of Civilisation. The Gods all crowded around, full of admiration for their creation, and eager to bestow their intellectual gifts. Said One,

‘I give you Consciousness, so that you can develop ideas’.

Another:  ‘Reason, so that you may determine your path’.

Yet another stepped up and said  ‘I will give you Rhetoric, so that you will communicate well with others’.

And the last; ‘I bestow upon you Didacticism, so that you may teach’.

Then, (as is usual in this scene), the unwanted God came up to the Cradle to curse this perfect construct of the Gods. ‘Blessed are you with gifts enough for any man,’ it cried.  ‘Therefore, for all your ideology , I will give you also Bigotry’.

‘Ambition will yet govern your reason. Your rhetoric will be plagued by Bombast,and for all your teachings I will give you Dogma. And in your world there will be no Mirror of Self- Enlightenment for you or your kind in generations to come’.

copyright apeandangel

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