Aqua is the new blue….

I would describe myself as generally apolitical. Very proud to live in a society which not only gives me a vote, but which encourages me to use it. Admittedly, I have wavered from time to time over which box to tick, but I have rarely failed to vote. So with the prospect of a general election a few years away, but with increasing turmoil in Europe, I decided to watch young Ed’s speech to the Labour Party Conference. And that’s when I started to worry. Now, I know Ed is young in years, but he is so self-evidently, excruciatingly young in character and life lessons that I found myself wondering when his headmaster was going to ask him to leave the stage. Claims to be ‘his own man’ ring hollow when delivered in a strangulated and rising pitch of tension to an audience which includes some very large and determined union leaders…True, those who asset stripped Southern Cross did indeed sell the nation’s grandmothers for a profit, and like Ed, I find that despicable. But the economics which encouraged such debt leverage were promulgated under the last, Labour government. But then again, it’s nothing new: Phoenix and the rape of MG Rover was a real low point for capitalism.

I guess I do believe that the time has come for the voice of the moral majority to be heard again in all sorts of areas: the outcry today over the poor Northern Irish farmer who objected to Rihanna being filmed topless belittles his feeling that what he saw was ‘inappropriate’. So when a political leader calls in idealistic fashion for a more moral form of corporate life I feel that I should find it easy to cheer. And yet, I don’t. The Victorians knew a thing or two about the sort of muscular morality required to build Boards of Education, promote Temperance or create benevolent partnerships with employees. I didn’t see a muscular, moral figurehead, but a petulant prefect, pandering to the Left with threats to ‘predator’ businesses; assuaging the Right with telegenic gestures and courting the Mumsnet vote with cynical reference to his presence at the birth of his son.

With two of my children now voting age, I realise that I am watching the faces that will dictate the political landscape of their futures. I hope that the future for this country holds leaders of both sexes, of strong intellect, with real, tangible work experience outside politics, with an education that reflects the demands of excellence, a social understanding that reflects the complexities of modern life and the courage to work for as long as it takes to build real change. I don’t want a TV-style makeover for the judges. I want that farmer to feel that his opinion counted. I didn’t see that in Ed.

The tile colour is to be aqua….how wise of Smallest to have an alternative option for consideration. Now the wall colour is easy. Aqua…….easier to live with than blue, red or orange.

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